Uncomfortably Reading

I’ve been writing for years. The first time I published anything online for wider consumption, I was thirteen years old. It was an Inuyasha fanfiction, and when I read it back ten years later, I was equal parts impressed and horrified.

I enjoy writing. It allows me to get out of my head for a while, or to better understand the thoughts tumbling around up there.

I’ve unsuccessfully tried blogs before. I’ll get started, then feel self-conscious and quickly give up and remove all of the content.

Why bother starting again?

This has been a year filled with new challenges, new obstacles, and new adventures. Honestly, this is probably the first year in almost nine years that I’m going to try and actively live my life. I’ve been bogged down with school, responsibilities, and stress. I’m exhausted of being an passive presence in my own life. What is the point of living if you don’t…live?

It’s only the end of April and I’ve already done several new things, tried my hand at old things, and have been trying to improve myself in a myriad of ways. While I’m not where I want to be in life (career-wise or in my personal life), I feel more comfortable than I have in a long while.

I started┬ákeeping a journal over a year ago, and it’s only about half-filled now. It is the single┬ámost successful journal that I have ever kept! It doesn’t sound that impressive, but for someone who has never been comfortable writing out personal thoughts, experiences, and feelings, it’s a pretty big deal.

On the quest to do new things, I’ve decided to include this blog. I’m not really certain what I plan to do with it, or even what I intend to write, but it’ll be here.

Here we go.